World Cup football- more than just a beautiful game

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  1. The Central African Republic- Peace at Last?

    Published 1st March 2019

    The 2012 civil war saw the inhabitants of the Central African Republic (CAR) experience the worst atrocities. During the week of 2 February this year, the CAR government signed a peace accord with the 14 rebel groups that have been jostling for power and control in the mineral rich central African nation. This is the […]

  2. World Cup football- more than just a beautiful game

    Published 20th July 2018

    The World Cup 2018 has come to an end with the French Les Bleus lifting the coveted trophy. World Cup football has the ability to unite billions as all gather around to watch the tournament unfold. It is a time when true, die hard football fans endure (with good humour) peanut gallery commentary from people […]

  3. What it takes to stay in power

    Published 12th May 2016

    Elected by his party the Patriotic Salvation Movement, Chadian President Idriss Déby has done it again- he is serving his fifth term in office after being declared the winner in the April 2016 elections. Déby has been in office since 1990. There are several components required to maintain power for such a long period of […]