World Cup football- more than just a beautiful game

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  1. Black Panther – one of 2018’s most significant films

    Published 1st March 2018

    The Marvel Blockbuster movie Black Panther opened in cinemas worldwide and has been enthusiastically received. It is more than just an action packed, visual masterpiece about a superhero. Its recognition of African American talent, portrayal of African excellence, and profound reference to important events and circumstances that have shaped the African continent easily make it […]

  2. Challenges of international justice in Libya

    Published 4th May 2017

    Last week the ICC unsealed an arrest warrant for Gaddafi’s former security chief Al-Tuhamy Mohamed Khaled who has been accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated in Libya in 2011. The arrest warrant was issued under seal in 2013 and Khaled remains at large. The Libya situation is one that reflects the myriad […]

  3. Libya Post-Gaddafi — The Real Question

    Published 1st September 2016

    On 1 September in 1969 young Muammar Gaddafi seized power in Libya from King Idris I and remained there for nearly 42 years. Remembered as a dictator and a despot, Gaddafi’s era was marred with numerous accounts of grave human rights violations. Fast-forward to Libya today where news headlines include reports of heavy casualties as […]