World Cup football- more than just a beautiful game

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  1. Burundi abandons the ICC-where does this leave the victims?

    Published 2nd November 2017

    Last week on 27 October 2017 Burundi’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court became effective, making it the first country to leave the ICC. Given the ongoing perpetration of human rights violations, and lack of accountability, the future of the east African nation hangs in the balance. With the Burundi’s presidential office calling it a […]

  2. D-Day Looming for South Africa

    Published 28th June 2017

    Next week on 6 July, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will announce its ruling on whether South Africa’s failure to arrest President Bashir constitutes an act of non-compliance. In reality findings of non-compliance have had little impact on other nations in the past, but in South Africa’s case- could the outcome determine whether South Africa […]

  3. South Africa’s High Court restores order: SA and ICC withdrawal

    Published 2nd March 2017

    On 22 February, the High Court handed down an important and definitive judgment reminding the executive that the Constitution of this nation cannot be ignored or bypassed. Finding that the executive’s notice of withdrawal from the International Criminal Court was unconstitutional and invalid, the High Court restored a sense of order. The Court took matters […]

  4. ICC withdrawal justified?

    Published 24th November 2016

    It has been a busy few weeks in international criminal justice. Burundi, South Africa and Gambia are leaving the Rome Statute and Russia has symbolically unsigned. While the African states have their unique reasons for withdrawing from the Rome Statute, a commonly shared and loudly articulated perception is that the ICC is targeting Africa. While […]